Parents, we can help you empower your kids to be changemakers with our I CAN school holiday programme. All you have to do is:

  1. Gather together a group of 5 - 20 children and tell them about DFC and how it can unleash their I CAN superpowers. These videos may help:) 
  2. Choose a programme from the options below. 
  3. Register and choose a date on the form below so we can align calendars and make it happen for you!


I CAN Workshop for Superheroes

Juanita will get the group started using the free resources to unleash the I CAN superpowers in the children!

  • A: 1 hour Online Workshop: Cost: R2000 per hour, max 25 participants. On Zoom
  • B:1 hour Onsite Workshop: Cost: R2800 per hour + travel expenses, max 35 participants


I CAN Lab for Superheroes

In the 3 hour lab, learners will find out about the Design For Change movement and  experience Design Thinking by learning how to use the 4 step process: 

Feel: Identifying issues they are affected by and want to do something about

Imagine: Dreaming up a doable solution to make change happen in 1 week.

Do: Planning their action for the week ahead starting with achievable goals 

Share: Presenting their superhero pitch in which they describe:

  • the problem they are bothered about
  • the UN Sustainable Development Goal it addresses
  • their solution and why it is needed
  • their action plan and what help they need
  • ways others can get involved in the change project

Juanita will check back in with the groups after their week of action to offer guidance and coaching and if they are ready, some support with submitting their story of change. A further lab can be booked if required to complete the change project.

  • A: 2 hour Online Workshop: Cost: R400 per child, min 10 max 25 participants. On Zoom
  • B: 3 hour Onsite Workshop: Cost: R600 per child + travel expenses, min 10 max 35 participants