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Impact of the Global Movement

Every child has a right to believe that I am not helpless, change is possible and I CAN drive it.

You can make this possible.


  • Every child matters !

  • As a movement we embrace all cultures, religions, causes, languages, genders and ages.

  • As a movement we are shamelessly committed to the pursuit of infecting every child in the world with the power of ‘I CAN’.

  • As a movement we are optimistic that the world can be a better place and change is possible.

  • Together we can do more, we will collaborate and do what it takes to infect every child with the ‘I CAN’ mindset.

Our approach to collaboration

Design for Change operates on a partnership model where we partner with a single organisation per country/region. We value organisations that share our vision and purpose of empowering all children with the I Can belief. Our partners understands the power of the design for change framework and synthesizes the network's goal by leading teams that implements, manages, increases scale and amplifies the DFC programme in their respective region to generate a national as well as global impact.

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