This group of superheroes from different countries make up Design for Change Global's Student Council. The Student Council acts as a platform for children to voice their thoughts and opinions, and allows these viewpoints to be incorporated into the international I CAN movement.

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DFC's Got Talent is an initiative by the Student Council

DFC's Got Talent is an initiative by the Student Council Batch of 2023 to provide an opportunity for children across the globe to meet, exchange ideas, and connect with children from different cultures and countries. Check their FIDS process below to know more.

Diversified conversations hold the power to create changes in the world we desire without violent conflicts.” Following the same path we student council members felt the need to connect children globally to indulge them in these conversations to understand each other culture and diversity.

Together we pondered upon several ideas but ultimately stumbled upon DFC Got Talent to help us achieve our goal to connect children of different diversities through the talent that they master and the passion they carry.

We decided that by scheduling meetings on Zoom every twice a month we can bring children together where they can share their passion either by performing live or by sharing pre-recorded videos and interact with each other to understand more about their interests and ponder upon several changes that they can initiate.

The world has become a global village through the propagation of technology and social media and we decided to travel through the same medium by promoting our initiative on several social media platforms like DFC's main website, Instagram etc. to connect more and more people.

Journey of the Student Council 2023

Check out the journey of experiences and opportunities for the Student Council batch of 2023

'CAN'versations by DFC Student Council'

These Masterclasses offered a great opportunity for our Student Council batch of 2022 to get an experience to anchor a 'CAN'versation over a Zoom call and for the DFC Family to know more about our new DFC Board members. It is a casual conversation with a fun, rapid-fire round of questions.

It was a first-ever experience of interviewing someone for a lot of our Student Council Members. They learned the art of questioning, listening, having a conversation, doing background research about the board member, and most of all - shedding the inhibition, being 'CAN'fident, and saying 'I CAN'!!

  • Masterclass with Antonio

  • Masterclass with Sanjli

  • Masterclass with Stavros

  • Masterclass with Madhav


DFC_Happy_News is an initiative by the Student Council Batch of 2022 to spread smiles on people’s faces across the globe. Check their FIDS process below to know more and remember to click on the Instagram Page and follow them!

There are a lot of negative emotions on the internet and in life. We all saw news that was about COVID, wars and abuse around us that made us sad. Mental health issues are really challenging young people today. We all knew someone who was depressed, lonely, addicted or unhappy. We wanted to put a smile back on the face and make people more hopeful and happier. We felt that if we could make them smile, they would be happier.

We brainstormed ideas to deal with this issue and decided to create an Instagram Account called DFC_Happy_News. Imagine if we all shared the positive, happy things happening in our own lives, people will be “infected” with this Happy News and smile more.

We decided to post articles, or short stories that are positive and interesting, every month. We designed a logo and created an Instagram account "DFC_Happy_News". We, the Student Council Members of Design For Change, upload Happy News to spread the smile regularly.

Since social media is a very common thing nowadays for the youth, we are using Instagram as the platform to spread the happy news and smiles across the globe!! Our Instagram page has starting to gather followers. Once you see a post, you’ll want to share Happy News of your own! We will be sharing the platform at our local sharing events in our country as well as at the global event of Be The Change (BTC) Celebration this year where participants from 30+ countries will be present.

Check out the journey of experiences and opportunities for the Student Council batch of 2022.

PlantOx Project is an initiative by the Student Council Batch of 2021 to plant more oxygen through the tree plantation drives in their respective countries. As of today, the Student Council Members have planted 2,723 trees across 9 countries!!
What are you waiting for? Plant a tree today!!

  • Nur Aishah Bt AbdullahMalaysia

  • Felipe DippChile

  • Cameron James HalmiAustralia

  • Risa IndriyantiIndonesia

  • Nargis KachrumathurIndia

  • Pichay Napoleon LapuzSingapore

  • Diana Rose MuchoPhilippines

  • Nyawira NduhiuKenya

  • Henry PaoMacau

  • Dolly SaabLebanon

  • Ido ShpindlerIsrael

  • Celia Martin TolosaSpain

  • Justin VictorUSA

  • Jaafar Ahmad WahbehJordan

  • Sonam Tenzin WangchukBhutan

D’Festival of Change was announced by the Student Council Batch of 2019-2020 as a way to spread positivity and hope to people around the world in these unprecedented times of COVID. The Challenges, Workshops, and Talks were meant to engage and entertain kids and adults alike and give them the strength to make a difference in the world.